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“The NCH is also important because is strengthens the faith of God’s elect. Or, to use Paul’s exact wording, it establishes them in their most holy faith (Rom.16:25) What happens when a Christian – well schooled in the NCH – starts seeing the things of Christ in the persons, places, objects, events, and institutions of the OT? What happens when he begins to discern  hem in Adam, the Tree of Life, Noah, the Ark, Melchizedek, Isaac, Jacob’s ladder, the Exodus, the Passover lamb, the Manna from heaven, the Rock that Moses struck, the Water that burst forth from it, the Mercy Seat, the Scapegoat, and so on?

Every saint knows the answer. If he is a new Christian, he is simply bowled over – not only to discover the stunning sovereignty and ingenuity of God, but also to behold the beauty and power of the divine inspiration of his Word. And if he is an older Christian, he is still bowled over, in large part because he seems never to get tot he bottom of these things! Indeed, with every-expanding clarity he sees that the OT is an infinite, or at least a fathomless, treasury of ‘mystical’ witness to the Person and Work of Christ. The end result of this is that all Christians, whether new or old, grow deeper and deeper in their conviction that the Bible is indeed the Christ-centered Word of God. And as a result of this, they grow ever mroe fervent in their glad and grateful worship of the One who gave it to them.”


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