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This site is for ‘recovering evangelicals’.  Let’s brainstorm together to separate the wheat from the chaff. What views did you once hold, that you don’t hold any more? What views did you hold that you regret?  Any legalistic teachers/movements that affected you adversely?

Here are some possible topics:  Evangelicals’ tendency to hero worship/spiritual superstars,  theology of glory vs theology of the Cross, the Reformers, the ancient church, church history, influences of the Anabaptists/Radical reformation, the 2 kingdoms, Luther’s doctrine of vocation, subtle but real prosperity gospel within evangelicalism, apocalyptic/newspaper eisegesis, over-control of children, phony spiritual one-upmanship, spiritual ladder climbing within the congregation, spiritual abuse, out of control/narcissistic pastors/elders, a minimalistic view of sin, Wesleyan perfectionism/Keswick theology, Gothardism, mysticism, “evangelicalisms” ( little phrases or trite sayings we use), Sacraments revisited?, Scripture verses often mis-applied out of context, Pietism.

The internet monk Michael Spencer challenged me on…..everything.  Any of his I-Monk classic essays would make a good springboard for discussion. (www.internetmonk.com)   —  Chris Rosebrough of Pirate Christian Radio teaches critical thinking and  makes my head explode.  — The writings of Martin Luther showed me that i wasn’t as Protestant as i thought i was.  He would have called me out as a pietist and enthusiast.


Posted September 20, 2011 by FiveSolas

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